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is a leading law firm in the western region of Ukraine specializing in the legal aid for large and medium-sized businesses.

Our company is an active member of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs with a representative in its Board of Directors. We promote the idea of a comfortable business, protecting it from unlawful misconduct by the state and other public entities.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of the country's economy by providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs at the highest possible level, accompanying the business idea from its inception to its success not only within Ukraine, but also far beyond its geographical boundaries.
and the unconventional thinking of our business lawyers and attorneys guarantees successful work in the field of:
Ten years of experience
Main Business Partner
• Tax law
• Commercial, corporate, and employment law
• Land law
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Disputes with authorities
• Representation and defense of business in criminal cases
• Other legal issues arising in the process of doing business
For almost 5 years of work in the Ukrainian market, we have become the undisputed leader of our craft in Western Ukraine and advised more than 50 enterprises, among which the lion's share is represented by agricultural business.
Why exactly Main Business Partner?
Legal protection
Do not believe in the power of legal aid? We will turn your understanding of lawyers to the best and prove the importance of their role beyond the classical legal issues.
Legal support
Our lawyers and attorneys will put an end to any legal inconveniences that appear in the process of doing business and prevent new ones.
Tax cases
We professionally resolve disputes with tax authorities. Only for one client in 2018 we unblocked tax invoices for more than 3 million UAH of VAT amounts.
Why exactly
Main Business Partner?
Business legal protection for your business
• from arbitrariness of officials during all kinds of inspections, searches, and any other visits of representatives of governmental authorities to the enterprise;

• from unscrupulous employees and business partners, including through the development of comprehensive protection strategies;

• representation of business interests in courts, law enforcement agencies, other state bodies, local self-government bodies, and public bodies, including in criminal cases.
Business legal support for your business
• during its registration, in the process of its activity and market approval;

• during the conclusion of the contracts and resolving disputes with contractors;

• assistance in attracting funds for business development from governmental and non-governmental programs, subsidies for the livestock sector and farms;

• direction and personnel training;

• legal audit of the company's activity, analysis of its internal documentation, work with permit documentation.
Disputes with authorities

• administrative appeal of unlawful acts and decisions of the authorities, protection of business interests with the use of the possibilities of the Business Ombudsman Council;

• resolving disputes with authorities in courts of all levels and specializations;

• voice of the business in expressing its needs at the legislative and governmental levels.
Would you like to order our services? Contact us:
Would you like to order our services? Contact us:
Would you like to order our services? Contact us:
5 years in the market
of legal services since the launch of Main Business Partner
20 000 000 UAH
VAT amount, for which only for one of more than 50 clients we have unblocked tax invoices
No. 1 in west. Ukraine
The first law firm dealing exclusively with the legal aid for Ukrainian businesses
10 years
Average experience of Main Business Partner specialists
1 out of 15
Members of the Board of Directors of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs is representative of our company
Solomiya Marchuk
Founder, CEO, Attorney-at-Law
Anton Marchuk
Founder, Attorney-at-Law in Criminal Cases
Sofiia Toderenchuk
Senior Associate, Attorney-at-Law
Mariana Kostiuk
Administrator, Event Manager
Ivanna Melnychuk
Marketing and PR Coordinator
Halyna Zhuk
Senior Associate
Dmytro Kosmachov
Senior Associate
Nelia Sofiia Trusevych
Yuliia Matsukh
Senior Associate, Attorney-at-Law
Ihor Petelyak
Jusior Associate
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Main Business Partner "Law Company, LLC"
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