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LEGAL ISSUES: Dispute Resolution
LEGAL ISSUES: Criminal proceedings
LEGAL ISSUES: Intellectual law
LEGAL ISSUES: Customer support
BASIC FUNCTIONS: Comprehensive opening of a complex business
BASIC FUNCTIONS: Production activities
BASIC FUNCTIONS: Trading activity
BASIC FUNCTIONS: Business security
BASIC FUNCTIONS: Business closure
SUBJECTS: Personnel
SUBJECTS: Shareholders / Members
SUBJECTS: Investors
SUBJECTS: Counterparties (suppliers, buyers, competitors)
BUSINESS GROWTH: Real estate and construction
BUSINESS GROWTH: Business financing
BUSINESS GROWTH: Business financing — targeted
SPECIFIC TASKS: Anti-crisis program
SPECIFIC TASKS: Business reduction
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1. Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation
  • Pre-trial settlement
  • Support in judicial proceedings
  • Recovery in enforcement proceedings. Arrest of debtors assets. Foreclosure on mortgages in the pretrial order
  • International arbitration
  • Recovery of complex debts from holding companies and beneficiaries of the debtor (through the fraud claims and collusion in foreign courts)
  • Seizure of debtors assets / their shareholders / beneficiaries abroad
  • Preparing a lawsuit strategy. Take legal action
  • Providing consultation on legal risks in transactions

2. Criminal proceedings

  • Representation of participants in criminal proceedings
  • Force majeure searches / inspections
  • Protection of the Client in criminal proceedings relating to the activities of the company or its individual officials (owners, employees)
  • Participation in business protection processes after industrial accidents

3. Intellectual law

  • Registration of a trademark in Ukraine
  • Trademark registration in any other selected jurisdiction
  • Formation of a license agreements system. Risk ranking
  • Franchise system development and implementation
  • Collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization to resolve disputes
  • Legal support for the enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Patenting

4. Customer support

  • Customer support for agricultural companies
  • Outsourcing business services
  • Creation and management of a business entity on a turn-key basis (subscription support)
Basic functions
1. Comprehensive opening of a complex business

  • Creating a business entity. Supporting the process of acquiring corporate rights. Formation of individual constitutive instruments with the distribution of powers of the founders and governing bodies
  • Obtaining licenses. Basic permits
  • Formation and submission of declarations of readiness for production capacities. Supporting entrance inspections of competent authorities
  • Formation of basic staff documents
  • Support for the implementation of the HACCP system in Ukraine

2. Production activities

  • Regulatory issues. Batch licensing procedures. Integrated licensing
  • Registration and support of protection for the production of proprietary products
  • Development of compliance programs. Conducting compliance trainings
  • Integrated interaction with public authorities. Negotiating on preferential conditions for connecting to energy sources, allocation of land for the construction of industrial complexes
  • Formation of staffing policy. Batch personnel documentation. Preparation for inspections of State Labor Service of Ukraine. Supervision of inspection visits
  • Fuel license (to avoid fines)
  • Permission to expand the sanitary zone (expanding the capabilities of the enterprise)
  • Commissioning of production facilities (declaration of conformity, passing inspections)

3. Trading activity

  • Contract work
  • Legal assistance in negotiations of the Client
  • Export organization on a turn-key basis (from contact with diplomats, registration by a subject of foreign economic activity, signing a contract, assistance with quotas, and to accompanying delivery processes to an endpoint)
  • Development of foreign economic contracts for the supply of products and their tax structuring
  • Establishment of a trading company in a foreign jurisdiction

4. Business security

  • Raider aspect. Business protection
  • Protection of business reputation from third parties
  • Forensic Services
  • Protection from the pressure from State officials
  • Formation of a structure that minimizes the risks of anti-corruption legislation
  • Local corruption practices

5. Taxes

  • Unblocking tax invoices. Exclusion of the Client from the register of risk payers
  • Tax audit on the payment of all types of taxes and fees
  • Legal support of inspections of regulatory authorities
  • Tax planning. Tax structuring of a business. Tax burden reduction
  • Protection of taxpayer rights
  • Preparation for tax audit
  • Checking the activities of accountants. Audit of the quality of accounting support. Deficiencies identification and risks minimization
  • Development of double taxation avoidance systems
  • Accompanying processes with transfer pricing elements. Risk minimization
  • Getting individual tax advice
  • Organization of the optimization process with the help of corporate and mutual investment funds
  • Administrative appeal of tax authorities decisions
  • Registration of an integral property complex (significant reduction in property tax)

6. Business closure

  • Bankruptcy
  • Shuttering a company
  • Supporting the process of restructuring existing debt. Negotiating with creditors. Minimization of financial and reputational risks for owners and the executive body
  • Takeover
1. Personnel

  • Labor audit
  • Protection of the Client-employer rights
  • Preparation of documents in the field of labor protection
  • Integrated work with existing employees and individual entrepreneurs working for the Client: optimization of the tax burden on the staff
  • Work with layoffs of the employees
  • Participation in inspections of State Labor Service of Ukraine. Preparation for scheduled inspection. Force majeure inspection assistance
  • Bringing unscrupulous executive body to justice. The implementation of its liability

2. Shareholders / Members

  • Legal support during the reorganization and termination of companies in Ukraine
  • Legal support of M&A Transactions (in Ukraine and abroad). Process structuring
  • Customer support on corporate issues, including increase / decrease of the authorized capital. Purchase and sale of corporate rights. Member exit. Share payment
  • Corporate fights
  • Relations settlement between business owners
  • Formation of a corporate business structure. Distribution of powers between owners. Structuring the process of influence of each participant on the activities of the company. Charter formation with management features
  • Beneficiary / company reputation correction (exclusions from Politically Exposed Persons list and other "black" lists checked by foreign banks and potential partners)
  • Redistribution of business through courts / arbitration, "punishment" of negligent business partners and other actions in case of a contract / agreement violation on joint business conduct
  • Protection from claims of business partners (including former and future (failed) in foreign courts and arbitrations (corporate disputes)
  • Structuring (restructuring) of a business using non-resident companies (including offshore companies)

3. Investors

  • Legal support of the restructuring investment debt process
  • Conducting a comprehensive due diligence to prepare for an investor monitoring
  • Structuring the alienation of corporate rights. Risk minimization
  • Tax optimization for investors. Minimizing the tax burden on dividends
  • Legal support of audit measures to control the activities of the investee. Identification and minimization of risks

4. State

  • Obtaining licenses and permits
  • Legal support of participation in tenders
  • Legal support of disposal of intellectual property rights
  • Protection of intellectual property (registration of a trademark, copyright in a product; site as a utility model)
  • Compliance (including licensing activities)
  • Obtaining business licenses
  • Negotiating at a high managerial level on obtaining state property
  • Settlement of disputes with public authorities and local governments
  • Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine. Permission to concentrate and concerted actions

5. Counterparties (suppliers, buyers, competitors)

  • Comprehensive audit of the counterparty
  • Unfair competition
  • Debt collection from foreign counterparties in foreign courts / arbitrations (for ordinary foreign trade contracts) — from pre-trial correspondence to the execution of a court / arbitration decision against the debtor
  • Protection against claims of foreign counterparties in foreign courts / arbitrations
Business growth
1. Asset Creation

  • Advice on establishing a company in Ukraine
  • Advice on establishing a company abroad
  • Business registration (including one with foreign investments)
  • Registration of trademarks and other intellectual property rights
  • Registration of a foreign entity
  • Asset sale
  • Asset acquisition
  • Creating a joint venture
  • Due diligence
  • Merger / takeover
  • Full legal support for the creation, activity and termination of joint-stock companies, disclosure of information on the activities of joint-stock companies and reporting to the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market

2. Real estate and construction

  • Legal due diligence of real estate and construction, as well as the land on which they are located
  • Development of draft contracts (purchase and sale, exchange, gift, rental, mortgage, pledge of property rights, investment contracts, common property, etc.) and other derivative transactions (rental of floor spaces, property protection and maintenance of real estate, reimbursement of utility bills and etc.) for real estate and construction, as well as full legal support for their implementation and closure
  • Structuring and full legal support for development projects, development and legal support of contract and construction management contracts
  • Consulting on all issues of the procedure for obtaining building permits and for the implementation of construction works, commissioning of constructed facilities
  • Consulting and full legal support of the process of registration and registration of ownership of the original owner for a new or reconstructed property
  • Asset construction: Land audit. Purchase. Permits. Connection Specifications. Work agreement. Help commissioning. Introduction to action

3. Business financing

  • Support of operations with investment assets (and other corporate operations)
  • Debt restructuring
  • Raising funds under state programs of loans and grants
  • Raising funds for utility programs of loans and grants
  • Conducting company preparation for input Due Diligence of investors
  • Risk hedging, currency and commodity derivatives

4. Business financing — targeted

  • Trade financing under Export Credit Agency coverage (deferred payment up to 180 days) for the import of goods, equipment and machinery
  • Pre-export structured financing of agricultural exporter
  • Financing the import of complex equipment and machinery
  • Financing for the construction (renovation) of fixed assets (terminals, elevators, warehouses, river fleet, transshipment points)
  • Raising funds on the international debt capital market by placing Eurobonds, deposit receipts
  • Restructuring debt to international and Ukrainian lenders
  • Land mortgage financing / land lease rights (prospect)
  • Construction financing (construction financing funds, real estate funds, trust bonds, other alternative construction financing schemes)

5. Investments

  • Formation of an investment portfolio for a business. Risk ranking
  • Acquisition of domestic government loan bonds
  • Acquisition of shares of domestic and foreign companies
  • Acquisition of bonds of domestic and foreign companies
  • Purchase of corporate and mutual fund certificates
  • Creation of a unique structure for Asset Management Company Client
    Specific tasks
    1. Land market

    • Conducting an audit of the land bank for compliance (escheat, registered with errors, conflicting land / shares)
    • Complex specific support for taxpayers of the 4th group
    • Development of a mechanism and support for land asset acquisition transactions
    • Support of investment projects in the agro-industrial complex with a heterogeneous land bank
    • Registration of land rights
    • Application of antitrust laws in the field of land use

    2. Anti-crisis program

    • Debt restructuring: mediation, structuring, settlement agreements
    • Debt restructuring — agricultural receipt
    • Concessional lending — loans under state programs (grants, concessional lending, assistance)
    • State financial assistance for company personnel
    • Strengthening staff positions in relation to personnel: development of a policy to build the employers maximum strong position, preparation of documents
    • Asset purchase
    • Asset sale
    • Difficult debt settlement
    • Disputes with counterparties (pre-trial and litigation)
    • Reduced taxation planning
    • Corporate structure — business security: asset integrity, third party security, adaptation of the corporate structure to current trends, shareholder agreement between owners

    3. Business reduction

    • Audit procedures for accounts payable. Structuring. Negotiating with creditors. Debt restructuring. Formation of the base of agreements on the procedure for fulfilling monetary obligations and forgiving debt
    • Audit procedures for accounts receivable. Structuring. Negotiating with creditors. Debt restructuring. Formation of the base of agreements on the procedure for fulfilling monetary obligations and forgiving debt
    • Organization of the procedure for collecting bad debts. Implementation of a mortgage reservation. Support of execution of the collection procedure. Initiation of bankruptcy of the debtor, support of the process
    • Settlement of conflicts with state authorities and local self-government. Installment of tax debt
    • Maintenance of scheduled inspections before planned liquidation. Minimization of negative consequences
    • Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy procedure support
    • Settlement of labor disputes with employees. Restructuring wage arrears
      1. VIP services

      • Divorce proceedings / division of property in foreign jurisdictions
      • Inheritance of property in foreign jurisdictions
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