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A new level of your business

We systematically accompany business at all stages of its existence for the development of the Ukrainian market
Our goal is to contribute to the development of the country's economy by providing legal and consulting services to entrepreneurs at the highest level of quality, including accompanying a business idea from its inception to its success not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its geographical borders.
We have been confidently occupying leading positions in the legal services market of Western Ukraine for more than 5 years. In 2019, we opened our office in Kiev in connection with the systemic demand for our services of the companies throughout the country. Main Business Partner Law Company serves foreign companies that operate in Ukraine as well.

In addition to providing phenomenally effective legal services, we maintain close contact with our clients and contribute to the development of their business not only in the legal direction, but we also help them to develop it on a grand scale.
The principles we are guided by
To achieve the most effective result for each client
Main Business Partner has a nationwide scaling strategy. Our task is not the basic support or protection in the format you are used to.
We, as the large factory, strive to systematize the processes so that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian companies gain access to high-quality legal support.

We strive to provide Ukrainian business with quality services of Swiss watches, rather than hand made jewelry of dubious quality. It is for this purpose that the rules, algorithms and approved processes act in the MBP as a ready-made foundation for a global company of national importance.
Our specialists
Safety and extra-comfortable working conditions for our team members are the guarantor of the association of the most talented people around the MBP.
In this crazy world, MBP aims to bring Ukrainian business to the forefront of the global economy. We are charged with this idea at the cellular level. Each of our steps, our actions and efforts are aimed at achieving this ambitious goal.
We have everything prepared so that your business specifically makes a quantum leap with the support of our best specialists.
Solomia Marchuk,
Founder, CEO Main Business Partner Law Company
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